Monday, November 15, 2010

The family that cooks together....

Eats really good food...

When my husband and I first started dating, my idea of cooking was Hamburger Helper. It was kind of pathetic. For most of our relationship, I have been the one to chop the veggies and meat while he actually did all the cooking.

Now, I do most of the cooking, but on occasion, we work together to make something new and fun.

Thursday was a holiday so we got to go shopping together to buy for our meal that night. We had been planning for a while to make Behari Kabobs. Husband had them at a restaurant in Houston one time and so when we saw a mix at one of the Indo/Pak grocery stores we like in Dallas, of course we had to buy it. I had purchased a Papaya at the outdoor market the week before, so all we really needed was beef.

You begin by browning onions until crisp...and they mean crisp! After they are crisp you crush them so  you have basically onion flakes.

After the onions are browned and crushed, you'll need to cut open your papaya and get 6 tablespoons of mashed papaya. I just scooped out 6 tablespoons of papaya and mashed it with a fork...worked perfectly!

Then put all the ingredients - onions, papaya, and spice mix - into a bowl and mix together then add the meat and let marinade in your fridge for 2-3 hours.

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry. So after that put the meat on skewers and cook it on a *charcoal* grill (charcoal is really the only kind of grill we condone in our house...gas grilling just doesn't provide the same flavor).

Looks yummy already right? Cook to your desired done-ness...ours got a little over-done b/c we were waiting on rice and didn't want the meat to get cold.

We forgot to take a picture of the plate until we were already eating. Sorry! (But only sort of - I was glad to be eating already). We ate it with Jasmine rice and some diced fresh tomato and cilantro. The flavors complimented the kabobs perfectly.

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