Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Secret Love

Before I let the cat out of the bag on my secret love, I wanted to share with you all my new toy that FINALLY arrived yesterday (it seems like the things you really want to arrive always take the longest to get here).

Cuisinart® Chef’s Classic™ Enameled Cast Iron 7 Qt. Round Casserole

I'm very excited...I tried to convince Husband to buy me a (much) more expensive Le Creuset one, but since I'm really just starting with this cooking thing...he was probably smart to buy me this one...I'm very happy and look forward to trying new recipes in it! far as my secret love goes...there is this restaurant near my parents house called Burger Island...I would always go there and order only one thing...and they knew exactly what I wanted every time I went...

Fried Pickles!

Let me be clear...fried pickle spears...not the chips...the chips are okay...but the spears are heaven. If you've never had a fried pickle spear...I suggest you find out immediately the closest place to you that serves them and go now!

So...after getting inspired by a recipe for fried mozzarella sticks that uses panko bread crumbs as the breading, I made the decision that it is time to reunite with my secret love and attempt to make them on my own.

Expect to be reading about them soon...I'm adding pickles and panko (and ranch dressing for dipping) to my grocery list :)


  1. Exciting new purchase!! I'm with you on the fried pickles!! I love them, but... I prefer the chips! :)

    Have fun with your cooking!

  2. Here's a vegetarian casserole you could try in your new cast-iron...

  3. I have one of these and I LOVE it! I use it for everything - soups, slow cooking, frying, baking bread, casseroles, etc.

    So glad I found your site, btw! Keep it up! :-)